As of July 1st 2019 the West Metro Alliance website will no longer be receiving updates. The information on this website remains true as of 30th June 2019. 

The WMA no longer receives funding from DoH and DHHS for the Regional development coordinator role or any Alliance funding and is therefore unable to continue with the website updates at this point in time.

Alliance Interest Groups

Alliance Interest Groups (AIGs) are being established as existing and new project / sector specific networks wish to be aligned with the West Metro Alliance.

In a broad sense the AIGs aim to improve efficiencies within the region as well as to create strategic alignment within the region’s individual sectors and projects. Scroll down to looks at the benefits of moving your existing network to a West Metro Alliance Interest Group.

Our current West Metro Alliance Interest Groups include:

Click here for more information and to join WACN

Click here for more information and to join WACN


Benefits of being an West Metro Alliance Interest Group include:

  • Alignment with the broader West Metro Alliance

  • Direct means to raise issues / ideas / solutions / best practice with West Metro Alliance Governance Group as well as Victorian and Commonwealth Departments

  • Professional logo

  • Maintenance of digital database and professional emails through the West Metro Alliance server

  • A page on the WMA website

  • Meetings and events can be promoted on the West Metro Alliance website

The West Metro Sector Development Team will support Alliance Interests Groups by:

  • Helping to establish new, or transition existing groups

  • Maintain digital database, website page and digital website resources

  • Create a logo

  • Send emails on behalf of Alliance Interest Groups (AIG provides content)

The West Metro Sector Development Team will NOT: 

  • Provide funding for Alliance Interest Groups

  • Facilitate or arrange meetings

  • Chair meetings or do minutes