As of July 1st 2019 the West Metro Alliance website will no longer be receiving updates. The information on this website remains true as of 30th June 2019. 

The WMA no longer receives funding from DoH and DHHS for the Regional development coordinator role or any Alliance funding and is therefore unable to continue with the website updates at this point in time.

Governance Group

The Alliance Governance Group (AGG) is responsible for setting and overseeing the strategic direction and priorities of the Alliance. The AGG:

  • Supports the Alliance by driving implementation of initiatives throughout their respective sectors / organisations

  • Liaises with the Sectoral Development Team

  • Is an active lead of Alliance Interest Groups

Members of the AGG hold senior leadership positions within their respective organisation. In addition, members have:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the Community Care Sector within the West Metro Aged Care Planning Region,

  • An understanding of the Aged Care and Disability Reforms,

  • An understanding of the ‘Victorian Community Care Sector Change Management Strategy’, and

  • A passion for seeing the WMA thrive, run independently of the Sector Development Team and government, and be sustainable into the future.

A diverse membership of the AGG is a priority with no particular sector or organisation having undue influence.

Current members of the AGG are:

  • Ekram Awadallah - Manager Aged Care Services, Australian Multicultural Community Services

  • Deb Barrow - Senior Manager Family Violence and Western Better Health Care, cohealth

  • Jayne Nelson - Chief Strategy, Business Development and Communications, IPC Health

  • Georgie Hill - Manager Service Planning, Partnerships and Reform, Wyndham City Council

  • Samantha Sales - Community Home Support Coordinator, Melton City Council & West Metro Alliance Deputy Chair

  • Heather Story - Service Design and Development Manager, Mercy Health

  • Mathew Wood - Aged Care Assessment Service Manager, Western Health

  • Helen Mathews - Manager Community Nursing, Djerriwarrh Health Services & West Metro Alliance Chair

Ex-officio members of the AGG include:

  • Members of the West Metro Sector Development Team

  • Sector Development Team Auspice Manager, cohealth

  • Assistant Director CHSP Team 1 / Executive Officer CHSP Team 1, Community Grants Hub, Department of Social Services

  • Senior Advisor, Agency Performance and System Support, Western Department of Health and Human Services

Elected membership of the AGG is for approximately two years. The term for members elected in 2018 will be extended to June 30th 2020 given the Victorian Community Care Sector Change Management Strategy.

WMAGG Resources: