West Metro Alliance

The Alliance brings together the range of HACC-PYP and CHSP funded organisations as well as Assessment organisations in western metropolitan Melbourne to support understanding and transition to the aged care and disability reforms. We support organisations to provide high quality inclusive services that promote the independence, potential and wellbeing of their clients.

The Alliance has identified the following roles for itself:

  • As a platform for communication, consultation, education and information exchange between key stakeholders, Commonwealth Government and Victorian Government.

  • Identify, advocate and contribute to the solutions on strategic gaps and issues to influence governments in relation to service user, community,regional and sector needs.

  • Work with the Sector Development Team to support change and service development.

  • Identify innovation and action best practice.

  • Promote collaborative problem solving and seeking opportunities to strengthen and/or create new partnerships and/or business arrangements, especially to meet identified gaps.

  • Explore opportunities for collaborative approaches to work with consumers and the community.

  • Contribute to workforce solutions regarding including training, education, retention, support and IT use.

  • Promote outcome measurement and quality.

All organisations within the West Metro Aged Care Planning Region providing services under the CHSP or HACC-PYP programs, as well as all Assessment organisations are encouraged to participate and contribute to the Alliance. Members of existing relevant regional networks and meetings are welcome to join.

A successful Alliance requires a spirit of cooperation and commitment based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Understanding and respect for the specific roles and responsibilities and legislative requirements of each member as an individual entity.

  • Shared focus on outcomes and commitment to local communities.

  • Active and equal participation of all members of the Alliance.

  • Open communication.

  • Willingness for collaboration in the best interest of the community.

By being a member of the Alliance, agencies commit themselves to these fundamental principles.

The Alliance will offer members:

  • Information and networking,

  • Opportunities to be involved in shared Alliance initiatives
    and activities,

  • Opportunities to develop and strengthen partnerships
    across the region.

Active members of the Alliance commit to:

  • Doing what they can as an organisation to achieve the
    outcomes sought,

  • Supporting and promoting the Alliance,

  • Contributing to the work of the Alliance.