Sector Development Team

The Sector development team meet regularly to ensure collaborative responses to realising the broader sector development
and change management priorities and expectations. This strengthens the capacity of the team to feedback to both levels
of government about local issues.

The team has strong relationships with the broader community care sector and participates in networking activity
and partnerships to inform their work and feedback to government.

State-wide work priorities and direction are jointly developed by DoH and DHHS to support a coordinated and consistent approach to change management and sector support . These priorities emerge from organisations’ annual wellness
and reablement (previously ASM) and diversity plans, feedback from the West Metro Alliance and networks, government
priorities and directions, local intelligence and barriers/successes experienced in implementing previous actions.

Regional Development Coordinator - Michael Perrone

The key role of the RDC is to facilitate and support organisations to understand and prepare for change and reform
in the aged care and disability service sectors. The RDC role includes the following main functions:

  • Collecting information at the regional level about market capacity, service gaps, risks
    and opportunities,

  • Informing DoH and DHHS about systemic issues and trends,

  • Directing providers to information about the CHSP and HACC-PYP and sharing this information
    at regional alliances,

  • Supporting alliances, networks and partnerships to promote collaborative service delivery
    and share good practice.

The RDCs form an important part of the regional sector development team and work to promote a coordinated approach
to sector development and change management. The RDC does not undertake capacity development, advocacy or provide advice or training about the CHSP or the HACC-PYP. Organisations should discuss these matters with their Commonwealth
Grant Agreement Manager or Victorian DHHS Program Adviser.

Contact Details:
M - 0405 249 682
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Wellness and Reablement Consultant - Jennifer Hall

Wellness and Reablement Consultants (WRCs) support CHSP and HACC-PYP organisations to implement the wellness
and reablement approach. More specifically the role:

  • Is the key communication point for wellness and reablement developments and information,

  • Assists organisations to gain a consistent understanding of the wellness and reablement policy development work that the Commonwealth is currently undertaking,

  • Provides practical operational support on Wellness and Reablement as a broad sustainable
    change management and quality improvement strategy, including planning.

Contact Details: 
M - 0429 004 345   
E -

Diversity Advisor - Carolina Valencia Coleman

The Diversity Advisor’s role is to facilitate and support diversity planning and practice at the systemic level, across the CHSP and HACC-PYP funded agencies in the West Metro region.

Specifically, the Diversity Adviser will work with relevant agencies and networks to:

  • Improve knowledge and use of population data,

  • Collect, interpret and share diversity related information,

  • Build sector capacity to deliver a consistent understanding and approach to diversity planning and practice,

  • Support the development and implementation of diversity plans,

  • Strengthen networks and partnerships to address systemic and structural barriers to diversity inclusion,

  • Provide a communication point for diversity planning and practice between agencies and the Commonwealth and State governments.

Contact Details:
M - 0448 291 264
E -

Aboriginal Development Officer - Vacant

ADOs support CHSP and HACC-PYP staff and organisations to improve access to services for Aboriginal people through culturally responsive services. ADOs also support Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) to provide services
in their communities. The ADO role includes:

  • Coordinating regular CHSP/HACC-PYP Aboriginal service provider regional network meetings
    and facilitating communication between the network and state-wide Victorian Committee
    for Aboriginal Aged Care and Disability (VCAACD), 

  • Supporting the development of partnerships between ACCOs and mainstream CHSP
    and HACC-PYP providers.

There are four ADOs in Victoria: one for the BSW/Grampians region, one for the Hume/Loddon Mallee regions, one for
the Gippsland region and one for the Melbourne metropolitan region. The ADOs work closely with their regional networks, members of the VCAACD and the Sector Development Team to connect their work to state and national policy initiatives.

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